Jun, 2022

Steps to Apply for a Marriage or Family-Based Green Card in California

Family life is great, especially where you have the love and support of your loved ones. This support system may be...

Jun, 2022

Sponsoring Step-Siblings or Half Siblings for a Green Card in California

Under the U.S. immigration laws, as a citizen above 21 years, you can file a petition for permanent resident status for...

May, 2022

When Do You Need An Immigration Lawyer in California?

Not everybody needs an immigration lawyer by their side. If you want to move to the United States to live, work, or for...

May, 2022

What Is Inadmissibility And Why You May Be Denied Entry Into The U.S. in California

Individuals with infectious medical conditions, association with terrorist activities, a criminal record, or a history of...

May, 2022

Qualifying for US Citizenship in California

Immigrants from across the globe have aspirations of achieving the American dream. Landing in the home of opportunities is...

Apr, 2022

How to Gain Citizenship as a Non Legal Immigrant in California

Many people believe that illegal immigration to the United States is the path to a better future. However, life could be...

Apr, 2022

When is Sexual Harassment at Work Considered a Crime

Sexual harassment could have devastating consequences for any worker. It can have an impact on an individual’s work...

Mar, 2022

How to Know If You are Eligible for Refugee or Asylum Status in California

If you are experiencing persecution in your home country, or perhaps you have a reasonable fear that a particular group of...

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