Sep, 2023

The Green Card Renewal Process Explained

If your green card expires or is about to expire, it does not mean you are no longer a legal permanent resident. You will...

Sep, 2023

Can I Get a Green Card while I'm in the United States?

Adjustment of Status (AOS) allows eligible individuals currently residing in the country to seek lawful permanent residence...

Sep, 2023

Ways to Stop Deportation in Immigration Court

You can be deported if you are an immigrant living in California and commit a deportable felony. Deportation is the process...

Sep, 2023

What are the Major Categories of "Deportable Crimes"?

When a person faces an arrest and criminal charges in California, they risk facing severe penalties like prison time and...

Aug, 2023

What Benefits Do I Obtain If I Win My Asylum Case?

The right to apply for asylum has been a critical component of the immigration statute in the United States. for many...

Aug, 2023

What Happens If You Divorce Before and After the Green Card Interview?

Going through a divorce could be an emotionally taxing process. After all, you're ending your relationship with someone you...

May, 2023

Crimes that Will Make an Immigrant Deportable

For most US citizens, jail time after a conviction can be traumatizing. For immigrants, there is an added fear of...

May, 2023

What Happens at a Bond Hearing in Immigration Court?

Several factors make bond hearings in immigration court incredibly stressful and concerning for non-citizens. The arrest...

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